49s Lunchtime Results & Teatime Results (August 2022)


If you are a uk49s player and want to get 49s results updates regularly, then you don’t need to go anywhere else. Because you are at the best place where you can get not only uk49s results twice every day but also 49’s tips for the next draws.

It is the most famous game in the UK. It is a flexible game, you don’t need to worry about fast and hard rules for playing this game. Because of its uniqueness, it is also most popular in other parts of the world like South Africa and Asia.

49s Results For Today

The UK 49s draws take place twice every day. The first draw is UK49s Lunchtime Results and the draw takes place at 12:49 PM every day. You can check the 49s lunchtime results here on this website at draw time. Teatime is the second draw of the day. The Teatime Results draw takes place at 5:49 PM UK every day. If you want to check UK teatime winning numbers you can check on our website at draw time. If you are from another country like South Africa and any other Asian country you can check 49s results according to your country’s timezone.

Rules of Playing UK49s Game

UK49s is very easy to play and win. There are 1 to 49 digits in this game where form you can choose only 5 main numbers to play. You have also the option of choosing one bonus ball from 1 to 6 balls. But you need to confirm the rules for playing with the bookmaker before playing. Simply, follow these steps to play the 49s.

  • Select any online bookmaker for lunchtime and teatime games.
  • Choose the UK49s draw in which you want to participate.
  • First, pick five main numbers from 1 to 49.
  • Second, choose one bonus ball from six balls.
  • Choose numbers manually or via automatic software.
  • Pay after confirming your 49s bet.
  • Finally, after taking all the above important steps, wait for UK49s results.

Lunchtime Results

Monday, August 8th, 2022








Teatime Results

Sunday, August 7th, 2022








Winning the UK 49s

As above we have explained UK49s is a UK-based game. All the draws take place in the UK twice every day. But you can play this game from each part of the world. If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, you can join the lotto by visiting authorized dealers. Furthermore, you can find out these retailers easily anywhere in the UK. If you are from another country you can join 49s online. There are lots of websites that are providing bookmaking services for UK 49 gaming. There is no ticket cost you can invest as much as you want to win from this game. You can buy a lotto ticket 30 mint before draw time.

Hot and Cold Balls Numbers

UK49s lottery is a number game. if you choose numbers correctly you can increase your winning chances in this game. In UK 49, numbers that are drawn most of the time in the past 49s results are known as hot ball numbers or luckiest numbers. On the other hand, numbers that are drawn very few times in history these numbers are cold ball numbers. If you want to play a good game you can make the best pairs by choosing these numbers. Moreover, you can check the hot and cold ball numbers in detail on our website.

History of 49s

UK 49s was first time played in 1993 in the United Kingdom. This game was run by a private operator that is known as Camelot Group that was awarded a lottery franchise license in 1996. 49’s limited is a privately owned enterprise that is operating under the license. The main source of revenue is lottery fees and tickets.

Finally, UK 49 is the most popular UK-based lottery game. You can play this lotto game twice every single day. It is a very easy to play and flexible game for players. This game is based on two draws lunchtime and teatime results. You can play online and offline also. Check UK 49s results and draw details here regularly. Moreover, if you have any questions about this game you can contact us.

UK 49s Lunchtime & Teatime Results FAQs

What are the 49s?

UK 49s is a game, played in the UK.

How to play UK49s?

49s is based on 49 digits, you can pick six numbers to participate in the game.

What is the bigger jackpot in the 49s?

UK 49s is a flexible game that has no fixed prize jackpot nor a fixed amount of betting in this game.

What is the 49s calculator?

49’s calculator or software just chooses numbers for your game automatically.